Cyber Security Summit - Webinar - 29th July

How is the public sector staying cyber secure while working from home?




Cyber security is a human problem. An increasingly dispersed workforce gives rise to a plethora of identity assurance issues. How are CISO’s across the public sector protecting their digital infrastructure, incorporating stringent zero-trust principles, preventing data leakage and strengthening endpoint security?

The surge in the use of virtual conferencing and other collaboration tools is also exposing critical vulnerabilities. In this free webinar we shall look at the processes and tech measures all public sector departments should be implementing to reduce the likelihood of a cyber-attack.

Join the our speakers from National Crime Agency and TechUK as we discuss:

Topics covered:   

  • How the threat landscape has changed due to Covid-19 and why this could be a long-term opportunity for public sector departments to reassess their security strategies;
  • Increasing cyber awareness and training staff to stay vigilant, and to help the department learn and self-correct before a real attack takes place;
  • How the sector will evolve and if we will see a greater appetite for cloud solutions.

Dan Patefield, techUK

Dan Patefield

Head of Programme, techUK

Mike Hulett, National Crime Agency

Mike Hulett

Head of Technology & Capabilities, National Crime Agency

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This webinar is just a part of what the GovNet Tech series has to offer.

Join us in November for the Cyber Security Summit, to meet our speakers, network with peers and join together with the industry to build infrastructure resilience and to secure the UK’s capabilities to fight domestic and international cyber threats.