Modernising Criminal Justice 2020


Capturing Silver Linings in a Dark Cloud:
COVID-19 as a catalyst to transformation in the criminal justice landscape



The coronavirus pandemic has forced criminal justice agencies to reflect on how to manage the prison population and how to protect public health. With a combination of cramped conditions, poor sanitation and overcrowding, the prison estate has been described as an epidemiological time bomb: the perfect breeding ground for the spread of infectious diseases.

Join experts from The Parole Board for England & Wales, De Montfort University, HMPPS and Unilink, as they explore what business as usual might look like going forward and how the pandemic could help us modernise the justice system.

Topics covered:  

  • The measures taken across the world, including the suspension of short sentences and the early release of prisoners.
  • In the absence of proper testing for coronavirus and basic protection measures such as sanitisation and social distancing- what meaningful steps have been taken to date?
  • What does a risk assessment for prisoners look like?
  • What provisions are in place for vulnerable offenders- including older prisoners, immuno compromised individuals and pregnant women?
  • How has lockdown affected overall offender and staff wellbeing?    
MCJ webinar speaker - Victoria Knight

Chair: Victoria Knight

 Senior Research Fellow, De Montfort University

MCJ webinar speaker - Martin Jones

Martin Jones

CEO, The Parole Board for England & Wales

G20MJIT - Martin Narey, HMPPS (2)

Sir Martin Narey


Francis Toye, Unilink

Francis Toye

Founder & CEO, Unilink

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