GovTech 2020

Did COVID-19 Highlight the Value of Investing in Emerging Technology?



Central government has been steadily testing and implementing emerging tech such as AI, Machine Learning and RPA, to transform the relationship between citizen and state.

Hear from experts at DWP Digital, CCS and techUK as they discuss if and how emerging technology aided Government's response to the pandemic, how equipped we were to deal with the huge increase in demand of digital services, how this time can be harnessed for further innovation, and whether the investment is worth it.

Topics covered:  

  • The value of emerging technology across government in response to COVID-19 and its worth in the face of future budget and funding challenges;
  • How emerging technology, particularly AI, Machine Learning and RPA, helped with the digital response;
  • What can other government departments look to implement as we transition to a 'new normal';
  • How to remain user-focused while undergoing for a digital transition;
  • If emerging technology is always the right solution;
  • Departments such as DWP have embarked on a number of initiatives, such as Innovation Dojo, to equip the workforce with the right skills and drive the uptake of future tech. Has this investment paid off?
G20GOVTECH Henry Rex, techUK

Chair: Henry Rex

Head of Public Sector – Central Government, techUK

Dr. Shruti Kohli, DWP Digital

Dr. Shruti Kohli

Lead Data Scientist, DWP Digital

G20GOVTECH - Peter Kirwan, CCS

Peter Kirwan

Deputy Director - Technology Pillar, Crown Commercial Service

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